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Helpful Resources for Managers and Supervisors

When handled well, internal communications foster an atmosphere of openness and create an environment that encourages the flow of information, ideas and a sense of shared purpose. The benefits include:

  • Good internal communications promote employee engagement and understanding; engaged employees feel they have a stake in the campus’s overall success and a sense of ownership regarding the university.
  • When information is shared and conveyed clearly and promptly, employees can work more effectively because they have the basis to make decisions that are in line with department, division or school and campus goals.
  • Engagement contributes to increased morale and productivity.
  • It gets potential issues of concern out in the open instead of letting them fester and develop into bigger problems.

Sharing information can help counter the “rumor mill,” which most often is a source of inaccurate or incomplete information.

Looking for more tips on how to foster healthy communication within your unit? Check out the helpful articles below for some ideas of where to start.

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The Communication Playbook blog, created and curated by former UC Merced Conflict Resolution Coach Luke Wiesner, is another great resource for navigating inter-department communication. Browse the Playbook's posts for helpful guidance for you and your team.