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Glossary of Calendar Terms

There are many terms we use in our guidance documents and when we talk about the calendar. We've organized them here in alphabetical order for your quick reference.



Channels are sub-pages that highlight a particular type of events. UC Merced's event calendar has 2 channels: Homepage (full event calendar) and the Academic Calendar.


Departments & Academic Groups

This list includes official UC Merced departments and academic groups that host events in the calendar. Select the department and/or group that is hosting your event.


Event Type

Event type selection will tag the event with more granular categories of relevance for the event and offers users a chance to follow certain types of events by adding these tags to their Digest. Some event types that may be unclear:

  • Seminar: generally multi-session meetings or a lecture series
  • Community-hosted events: events for the UC Merced community hosted by external stakeholders in the surrounding community
  • Celebration: this is a good category for campus celebrations like the Bridge Crossing, commencement, etc.


Featured Events

Featured events are just that - events that are featured in the carousel at the top of the Events Calendar. Events can only be marked Featured by Admins with Feature/Sponsor privileges. Only select Event Approvers have "Featuring" capability.



Filters is a section of the event submission form that allows you to refine your event audience. You can select many different filters or "tags" in order to capture a larger audience for your event, or you can keep it very focused to a niche group by only selecting the group, audience, or department that the event is open to.



Any student clubs and organizations that are registered through the UC Merced Student Involvement office.



Can only be accessed by Admins with Feature/Sponsor privileges. This setting forces events to the top of the Trending feed and applies different styling for attention. Enabling this setting will place a "Spotlight" tag on the event card.



This is a public-facing tag that automatically gets applied to an event marked "sponsored".



A tag is any selection made in the filters section of the event submission form, for instance, selecting "graduate students" as an audience type and "celebration" as an event type would be two tags you could apply to your event. When users build their own event digest (an email that tells them which events are coming up in their subscribed areas of interest), they will subscribe to certain "tags" and any events with these tags applied will automatically be sent to the subscribers.


Target Audience

This category allows you to select the appropriate and relevant attendees for your event. Users will see these tags and can also subscribe to the audience tags that are relevant to them.



Event topic selection offers a broader category with which you can tag your event and offers users a chance to follow certain types of events by adding these tags to their Digest.