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Tips for Interacting with the Media

You can:

  • Ask the reporter what the story is about
  • Ask for some sample questions to help you prepare
  • Ask for some time to gather background material that will help the interview
  • Ask a reporter to read back your quotes at the end of the interview to make sure that the reporter understood what you were saying.
  • Ask a reporter to check the facts with you, especially if you are the expert on the topic, or if the topic is complicated to the average person (not the average college professor – that's not a fair litmus test).

You cannot:

  • Tape record an interview without everyone's permission
  • Ask a reporter to let you read his or her notes
  • Ask a reporter to change quotes that you suddenly realize you shouldn't have given. Make sure that what you say to a reporter is what you want to say.
  • Ask a reporter to let you read the story before it is published.