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What Employees Need to Know

Providing new employees with basic tools about their specific job and the university itself is a critical first step to help them perform their work effectively. Each UC Merced employee should be given a starter package.

Starter kit for new employees

  • Detailed job description
  • Organizational chart of their department,  division or school
  • Procedural information on how to perform the specific job
  • Summary of the department’s mission statement, its goals or objectives, and how the individual’s job fits with those objectives
  • Copy of higher-level strategic plans for the department, school, center/institute and university as a whole
  • Copy of UC Merced’s Mission Statement
  • How performance is measured, when job evaluations are done, etc.

Ongoing support for employees
Once an employee is hired, it’s his or her supervisor’s responsibility to ensure the employee has the necessary information to stay informed. Supervisors should:

  • Offer periodic updates on their unit’s progress toward reaching its goals, and address issues that need attention
  • Explain how leadership’s high-level decisions affect the unit’s goals or operations
  • Inform departments of new hires and hiring plans
  • Communicate new initiatives
  • Convey organizational or personnel changes
  • Offer recognition for top achievements