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Social Media Guidelines

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We encourage you to use our social media sites as a way to connect with UC Merced students, alumni, faculty, staff and members of the general public around the world, to network and to share resources and information of interest to the university community. The goal is to foster a place for vibrant and civil engagement as it relates to UC Merced. The success of the online communities depends on your comments and participation, so make yourself at home!

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Monitoring of Social Media

External Relations monitors posts and comments to our social media communities. The university reserves the right to remove any material without obligation to defend that action. The university will respond to posts when appropriate. However, it is not responsible for any unanswered posts or inaccurate information posted by others. For the most accurate information about the university, visit UC Merced's website. Contact Monique de Villa at for any questions or concerns.

All content, information, views and/or opinions expressed on or within this fan page belong to the individual(s) authoring that content, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of UC Merced.

UC Merced Guidelines for Using Social Media

We produced a set of guidelines to enhance your experience on our social media sites. The guidelines are meant to be a dynamic set of ideas. New norms online will emerge, just as other ones will fall to the side.

Respect Others

Sexist, racist, libelous and other discriminatory comments or images will be removed immediately. Users are free to discuss topics and disagree with another, but please be respectful of others' opinions and don't resort to personal attacks, even in jest. They will not be tolerated.

Keep it Clean

Do not post offensive, obscene or sexually explicit language or photos. Acronyms referring to this kind of language and such words or phrases in other languages will not be tolerated. Posts will be removed immediately without notice. Furthermore, much of what is put on the Internet remains there forever. Consider whether you would be embarrassed if your employer or future employers were to discover it.

Keep Your Contact Information Personal

For your own safety and security, please refrain from posting personal contact information (home phone numbers, mailing or home addresses, personal email addresses, etc.) on the LinkedIn community boards, on the Facebook wall and in all comments. It's important to occasionally review what information is public, as the default settings are sometimes changed. The general public can see much of what is posted on the social networking sites. Increasingly, there are for-profit websites that collect personal information from several web sources.

Don't Spam

We encourage you to use the space as a platform to share information about your work at the university and achievements. However, overtly commercial advertisements, solicitations and promotions are not allowed and will be removed promptly. Exceptions are made for university events and community events of interest to the campus.

Stay on Topic

We encourage open discussion among community members. However, postings that are deemed irrelevant to the UC Merced community may be removed at our discretion.

Report Violations

All content and posts are bound by the:

Content may be removed at any time — or users blocked — without prior notice for any reason deemed to be in the best interests of the university community.

Consult the UC Merced Student Handbook to report violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

Abusive content can also be reported to Facebook. Users can click on the "Report" link usually found beneath the piece of content. Selecting this link takes you to a form where you can specify the type of abuse and make a detailed report. Facebook investigates these reports and makes a determination as to whether the content should stay up. All abuse reports on Facebook are confidential.

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