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Division of External Relations

Available Features

The following are a list of features and their various display methods which have been pre-built and can be enabled for your site. If you would like to enable any of this functionality on your site please contact us at

Panoramic Slideshow

Full Width Slider

3/4 Slider


Drop-down Format

Simple Format


Provides a formatted method of adding people to your website

Formatted Overview

Internal Page


News provides a user a simple means of displaying and adding news related articles to their site. By default a user can either add their own articles to their site, or if they so choose import directly from the news website (request for direct import must be submitted for this functionality to be enabled).

Internal Page

Agenda Format

Featured Format


Adding the events module to your site will allow for easily creating events items, or they can be imported directly from the events calendar via a feed

Featured Format

Agenda Format


Gallery module supports three and four column layouts and is fully mobile friendly.

Featured Video

Provides a four column display of videos to be placed on your front page


Archive provides a simple method of accumulating and displaying all data of a certain type, as well as sorting it with various filters (academic year, date published, etc). Any feature listed on this page/content types can have archives enabled. Commonly there are two version of an archive:

Stylized Archive

Simple Archive