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UC Merced Announcements Guidelines

UC Merced Announcements Channel
Guidelines for Use and Distribution
Developed: July 29, 2015

The UC Merced Announcements channel is an email account designed to deliver important information, messages and topics of broad interest to internal audiences. Managed by Public Relations, UC Merced Announcements are primarily sent to faculty members, staff employees and lecturers. Student employees do not typically receive these announcements. UC Merced Announcements is not an opt‐out system.

The UC Merced Announcements account is primarily reserved for use by the campus’ senior leadership (assistant vice chancellor level or higher) and/or their divisions, departments and auxiliaries whose email accounts are unable to reach a broad audience.

All announcements must be related to official UC Merced business. Appropriate items include:

  • high-level leadership appointments or departures (AVC level or higher, with rare exceptions as determined on a case-by-case basis by Public Relations);
  • information regarding campuswide initiatives that affect faculty and/or staff members (examples: compensation strategy, new performance evaluation system, Chancellor’s Innovation Awards, United Way campaign, etc.);
  • calls for volunteers or participants for large-scale campus events (i.e. commencement; United Way campaign) or high-level committee representation;
  • campuswide meetings of interest (Town Hall meetings, webcasts, community forums);
  • messages from the UC Office of the President intended for faculty and staff members; and
  • warnings or alerts regarding unavailability of campus services.

UC Merced Announcements are not to be used for the following, even if they are official UC Merced business:

  • job postings (please use established HR channels instead); or
  • information about campus emergencies (which will come from a dedicated emergency communications email address).

Public Relations reserves the right to edit prewritten messages so they adhere to our department’s content and editorial standards.

If you question whether your message is appropriate for UC Merced Announcements, please contact Tonya Kubo.