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Division of External Relations

Events Calendar

I. Using the Calendar

You can view the campus events calendar online. You will see that it's divided into three columns: Upcoming Events, Ongoing Events and Search Events.

1. The center column displays the list of upcoming events. You can click on an event to see more information about it.

2. The left column allows you to search for events or filter them by various criteria:

  • By default, the calendar will show events beginning on today's date or later. To view events in a different date range, change the date in the "start date" field. To reset the start date to today's date, click "today."
  • You can see a daily, weekly or monthly listing of events by clicking the links titled "day," "week" and "month."
  • You can filter events by topic by selecting one of the tags listed under "topics." Any event could have multiple topics.
  • You can download events to your iCal or Outlook by clicking the "download calendars" link under "options."

3. The right column displays Ongoing Events. "Ongoing" is a special tag you can use to parcel out long-running events, like art exhibits, so they don't show up every day in the main event listing.

II. Submitting an Event

To submit a new event, click the "submit an event" link under "options."

You will see three tabs: "overview," "add event" and "my pending events."

To add an event, select the "add event" tab or click the link labeled "start." You will be presented with a series of short forms. Fill out each form and then click "next" to take you to the next page. On the last screen, click "submit for approval" to submit the event for review. Administrators will review, edit and post your item within 24 hours but remember: The earlier you submit your event, the more notice your audience has!

Here are some suggestions about how to make your event listing as helpful as possible for your target audience:

  • If your event has a cost associated with it, make sure to enter it in the "cost" field.
  • If you have a Web page that contains more information about the event, you can enter it in the "URL" field (make sure to include "http://" or "https://" as appropriate).
  • If your event takes place in one of the large buildings on campus, make sure to indicate the room number in the "room number" field.
  • If the location where you are hosting your event doesn't appear in the drop-down list, please enter it as a suggestion so the calendar administrators can add it as an option.
  • You need a designated contact person for each event so that the campus community or the public can ask questions. Make sure you put that person's name and contact information in the "contact person" field.
  • If your organization doesn't appear in the drop-down list, please enter it as a suggestion so the calendar administrators can add it as an option.
  • If your event runs continuously for a long period (for example, an exhibition), you can tag it as "ongoing." Ongoing events appear in the right column of the events calendar.
  • The "featured events" tag is reserved for calendar administrators, who use it to designate which events appear on the UC Merced home page.

III. My Pending Events

If you want to make changes to an event you've submitted but before administrators have approved it, you can do so by clicking on the "my pending events" tab. Your event will appear in the "my pending events" until it has been approved and published. Once an event has been published by administrators, you can no longer edit it.

IV. Submitting Feedback

Public Relations has developed a process for collecting and evaluating users’ suggestions. Once a substantial amount of feedback has been collected, communications staff members will perform a comprehensive evaluation and update the calendar accordingly. Feedback can be sent via email to Public Relations.