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Division of External Relations


What is content?

Content refers to anything on a site that does not have a functional application. This extends to but is not limited to text, images, links, feeds, etc.

How Can I Contact The Web Team?

First, hello and thank you for wanting to reach out to us. We strive to answer your questions promptly and concisely and for this reason we make great efforts to create valuable documentation for the end user. We highly recommend you first review the documentation found on Public relations before attempting to contact us to expidite your process. 

However, if you are not finding the necessary content or require further assistance please feel free to contact us at, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

How Do I Sign Up For Training?

Thank you for you interest in signing up for Drupal training. You may sign-up for an available training by signing up on the Drupal Group Training page. These take place once and month and will cover a majority of the basics of working with drupal sites. We encourage everyone who wishes to sign up and bring any questions they may have regarding Drupal or their specific sites. 

What Functionality Is Available To Me Out Of The Box?

We have a list of available features which you can review and request during your initial site setup or request after by reaching out to If there is something that you want that does not appear within the available features list we recommend to reaching out to us with the particulars of the request so we can review and poentially add to the list. 

Can I Have Google Analytics Enabled On My Site?

Certainly! However, the web team only provides the setup for this tool. We do not provide any type of training to use google analytics. 

Can I get a list of users/Users with specifics roles on my site?

If you are a site manager on a site you can see a list users by clicking "Users" in your admin bar and clicking "Manage Users". From there you can filter for a specific role/type. If you are not a site manager we recommend contacting your sites site manager for this information.