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Color Brand Standards

Use the noted PMS numbers or CMYK breakdowns for proper color matching in print. Never choose a PMS and then convert to CMYK as your print results will not be correct. 

Only use CMYK for printed pieces if you cannot use PMS colors. RGB is only to be used for web-based work, never for print.

For print projects on vinyl or other mediums, vendors should color match to the following color standards.

Note: The following print colors will appear different on various computer monitors.

Primary Colors:


Lake Yosemite Blue
PMS 295
C100 M84 Y36 K39

  California Poppy Gold
PMS 110
C16 M31 Y100 K0

Secondary Colors:

  Wildflower Baby Blue Eyes
PMS 7461
C95 M42 Y6 K0
  Sierra Sky Blue
PMS 632
C92 M24 Y23 K0
  Yosemite Snow White
C1 M3 Y6 K0
  Half Dome Slate
C62 M54 Y53 K27
  Merced Rye Green
C97 M35 Y100 K34