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Pre-Migration Toolkit


This checklist will help facilitate your task of migration to the new responsive content management system (CMS) templates.

  • Establish a migration team and leader.
    These should be experts who know details about your program, department or unit. They will be able to determine the accuracy of web content and what should or shouldn’t move over to your new site.
  • Review and clean up the site before migration.
    Using your existing website, assign sections of your site to the most appropriate team member for them to update.
    Pages containing inline CSS must be removed before migration. Using inline CSS overrides approved styling as set by Web Communications and can interfere with functionality across various browsers and platforms. Also, as site owners change, those who are not advanced users may not know how to update content correctly. The purpose of a CMS is to provide an easy to use publishing system for our clients.

    Any inline CSS left behind will be removed.

    Again, this is the best time to correct and update content BEFORE it’s moved.

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